Medical X-Ray Films

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Medical X-Ray Films

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 Medical X-Ray Films

Application Values:

1. From the social macroscopic perspective:

a. Provided new methods and techniques to improving the environment for the country,reducing national health costs,increasing efficiency of hospital management and improving the medical services.

b. Removing the threat to human health,protection of environmental sustainable development resources.

2. From the medical Value:

a. Achieved integrated management of the film,improving the image films inquire efficiency.

b. Supporting for the several imaging machine send the images to the system and separately printing single page customization at the same time(such as the comparison image of the same patient’s repeatedly checking results,etc.)

c. Making the doctors can quickly visualized reference the high resolution report film to provide better quality of service to patients.

d. Paper images can free to sign the mark, which make doctors share the lesion images with patients directly and conveniently when treatment,reduce patients waiting and treatment time.

e. Reduced the manage cost of store a huge number of film as “archive” manage under the traditional mode,

Product features:

a. Environmental Protection:Avoided the traditional film imaging process produce silver bromide cause adverse impact on the environment.(This system uses special paper film as the media,no pollution)

b. Information Security:Using the company’s specific swiping card security control system.fully guarantee the privacy of patient information.

c. High Quality:Using the unique LED light-sensitive control technology DELCIS,achived the true high resolution screen quality and reduced energy consumption and operation noise.

d. EA Carbon Dust: EA environmental carbon dust via the particular emulsion polymerization technology,put the slow and fast melting polyester group together to form an optimal carbon dust structure.EA carbon dust image bright and clean,achieve high quality image effects while in the promotion of environmental protection.

e. Preservation:A new generation of environmental carbon dust ensures color bright and not fade,suit for long-term storage of images.

f. High Speed Printing:Real-time priting,taking instantly.High-speed continuous printing A3 film 10 sheets/minute,far higher than traditional fims printing.

g. Compatibility:Compatible with all digital equipment(DICOM interface) in hospitals,such as CR,DR,CT,MRI,NM,DSA and other imaging equipment.

h. Artificial Intelligence:The automatic control system for equipment consumable use condition and fault,easy for equipment running attention and fault processing,to protect the consumable use from technical.

i. High Stability:The system durable design to ensure image long-term printing’s color bright,image quality’s high stability and consistency.

j. Power Conservation:Power consumption only 3.5 watts when in dormant state,only half of the traditional models;Standard power consuption is also as low as 1.69 kilowatts.

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